TaskBite launch delayed due to Apple’s arbitrary review process


By the end of last week, we received a response from the Apple Review Team, stating that TaskBite‘s app on iOS has been denied to be published on the App Store, for a completely ridiculous reason, and it looks like Hey isn’t the only victim in Apple’s arbitrary and unfairly selective review process.

Much like Spotify, Netflix, Amazon, Google and others, TaskBite has a subscription system that is centralized and only accessible through the website, we were aware of the App Store’s bigotry way before considering using a 3rd party payment gateway; it’s the reason why today, we have no mention of subscription, purchase or any CTA that states in any way that you need to pay or upgrade through the website from the app.

And because neither TiredCruncher LLC, nor TaskBite aren’t as big as say Basecamp nor have the resources to mitigate any press attack against Apple, we’re found with no other choice but to think of an alternative. If we’re not on the App Store, we’re not competitive, and if we’re not competitive, TaskBite is as good as gone.

While we’re thinking of an architectural iteration for including in-app purchase, and because of the timely cost, we’re obliged to push the iOS release and TaskBite’s overall launch a little further.

Meanwhile, TaskBite is already available on Android via Google Play:

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Mehdi Kamar

Founder & CEO @ TiredCruncher, LLC

By Mehdi Kamar

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