A-BOT: Charlie’s Farewell And More



We have released a fresh new update, with a twist, or a couple of twists actually.

The bad news is, Charlie, the -judged to be- the less funnier among the infamous three bots, is dead. We have decided to discontinue the ongoing development for technical reasons. The good news is, we still have Alpha and Bravo; the two most appreciated AI wonders.

Now, besides this rather unfortunate twist, we decided to give A-BOT a new fresh look, to keep up the awesomeness already demonstrated on some of our apps like Lyrix and I Hate.


We have also added some new greetings, so our bots don’t ask always ask that same “Hey! How are you?” question.


Please do remember that things our bots say may sound inappropriate because the algorithms used make it so our bots learn from users.


About the author

Mehdi Kamar

Founder & CEO @ TiredCruncher, LLC

By Mehdi Kamar

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