InstaSaver Pro is temporarily down, for silly reasons


Amazon App Store, often known to be the alternative for “ineligible” Google Play Developers who wish to provide paid apps to the users (for silly reasons as well), decided to take down our app (InstaSaver Pro). At first it was because of the “confusion” the app icon might create with the Instagram App, quite strange, but we sorted it out by adding the “InstaSaver” text below the icon.

And when we thought that it’s all sorted out, here comes Amazon to remind us that randomness is their favorite way to process things. They asked us to provide a “Documentation demonstrating that we have valid intellectual property rights”,  pretty silly, but easily doable. So we sent them a signed letter stating that we own InstaSaver and all the graphics contained in it. And now they respond after 3 days saying that they do not accept informal claims.

Please keep in mind that since the beginning of this whole issue and until now, the app is not listed on the store, not even as “rejected”, or “suspended”.

We’re currently waiting for another response after we sent a new rather “informal” claim (apparently).

We’re sorry for the mishap dear InstaSaver users, we’re working flat out to sort out this issue, we’re also releasing a new update for Nougat within the next 24 hours. The update will eventually be delayed for InstaSaver Pro users as you might’ve concluded.

Update(1/2/2017): InstaSaver Pro is now live, and the problem has been resolved.

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By Mehdi Kamar

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