Lyrix 3.0 Update Release



We have just released the latest version of our Lyrix app on Android. Lyrix is a community based lyrics platform were you can find all of your favorite lyrics from your favorite artists from around the world. In this last update, we focused on the user side of the app, you can now contribute to the Lyrix community easily, and interact with Lyrix users seamlessly.
The new Lyrix update got also a fresh new look, with a user experience as smooth and seamless as it can be.


Lyrix 3.0.2 changelog :

We’re happy to introduce new awesome features for Lyrix; you’re now able to get all the relevant notifications about new followers, lyrics posted by your favorite friends and more.

You also now have your own personal Lyrix section called “My Lyrix” where you can view lyrics you posted and check their status. To post new lyrics, we have added an easy way to do it directly from the app through the “Submit Lyrics” button.

We have also replaced the obsolete Music Identification with a new feature called “Voice Search” where you can get the lyrics of the song you’re looking for by saying the name of the song, artist, or a part of the lyrics.

In addition, here are some other changes in this version:

  • Search through favorites
  • UI Tweaks
  • Bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


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